Negative Paintings

Prog Rock (Installation view).JPG
Prog Rock (Painting).JPG
Prog Rock (Processed image of painting).jpg
Prog Rock (Person on screen).JPG
Alpine Texture Map (Installation view).JPG
Alpine Texture Map (Painting).JPG
Alpine Texture Map (Processed image of painting).jpg
Alpine Texture Map (Person on screen).JPG
Manifest Destiny (Installation view).JPG
Manifest Destiny (Painting).JPG
Manifest Destiny (Processesd image of painting).jpg
Manifest Destiny (Person On Screen).JPG

These installations used the ‘invert’ function of digital camcorders to process the images of three paintings executed in ‘negative’ colours and tones, in a live setting. When caught between the painting and the camera, the viewers can see themselves on screen in the ‘wrong’ colours, at the expense of the ‘corrected’ image of the landscape.

Installation: B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Kingston Upon Thames, 1999