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I make interactive, participatory, public, community and collaborative art within a conceptual framework. I do this to investigate the boundaries and possibilities of working with the public, and what it means for the artist, viewer and participant.

Over the last twenty years, my work has not been consistent in form, but the same basic preconceptions have been at the root of my practice: I am concerned with the idea that art can change people and I attempt to build ways of evaluating that change into the work itself. This has taken many forms, including live painting and video installations, developing and exhibiting interactive learning applications and making games designed to promote critical thinking. In short, I have consistently been concerned with ‘engagement’ as medium in itself.

I feel that when people physically interact with artworks they express their thoughts and emotions in more obvious, outward ways than when they engage passively or internally. I do not feel that interactive, participatory or collaborative art is better than static artworks, but they are more useful for my practice. Creating work that physically involves the audience, implicates them in the outcomes, employs them in its construction or provokes them into critique is a way for me to understand them better, to understand myself better and to understand art better. I use art as leverage to manipulate the ‘real world’. This feeds back (via the affect display of the participants) into the artistic process.

I have been informed by the educational theories of B.F. Skinner, who postulated that learning can be measured through change in a person’s behaviour, and the idea (that I first  encountered during a seminar hosted by philosopher Ray Brassier) that cultural production may be able to profoundly alter the consciousness of humanity. While evidence for both of these is lacking, I feel it is useful to entertain their possibilities.




M.A. Fine Art Goldsmiths College


Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art Goldsmiths College


B.A. Fine Art Kingston University


Foundation Art & Design University of Wales Institute Cardiff


Selected Awards and Residencies



Tell Me Something I Don’t Know Cardiff and Vale College  – Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan

A self-initiated project, funded by ACW and CAVC, culminating in three exhibitions and a time-capsule.


Reinventing Llanedeyrn Maelfa Shopping Centre – Cardiff

 A self-initiated residency, funded by Cywaith Cymru, in a soon-to-be redeveloped shopping centre.


The Observer Student Artist of the Year Award – Observer Magazine


Selected Exhibitions



Project 300 Made In Roath Cardiff


Formal Interference Le Murate Florence


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (pt3) ArcadeCardiff Cardiff


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know(pt1) Milkwood Gallery – Cardiff

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know(pt2) Canonhill Arts – Cardiff

I’m Game ArcadeCardiff – Cardiff


BigLittleCity The Cardiff Story – Cardiff


Made in Roath The Gate / Milkwood – Cardiff


Reinventing Llanedeyrn Maelfa Shopping Centre – Cardiff

Welshing tactileBosch and Milgi – Cardiff


Fleamarket #2 Temporary Contemporary – London

Gates Centre for Contemporary Public Art – Skopje

Coagulation Tactile Bosch Cardiff


Love & Bullets Transition Gallery – London

Hero m2 Gallery  -London

Fleamarket Temporary Contemporary  -London

nth Architecture m2 Gallery – London


I’m Desperate, Love Me! Catto Contemporary – London

nth Art 001 Ols & Co – London


Truck 3 peripatetic exhibition – London

Beautiful Tomorrows Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix – Paris


Outhouse Rich & Famous Gallery – London

Assembly Stepney City – London


Breaks & Pieces Stanley Picker Gallery – London

Solo Show Rich & Famous Gallery – London

Art For Us All Riverside Studios – London


Outpost 4 Former Telephone Exchange – London


I am an active member of CAAPO ( and have participated in all CAAPO events and artworks since 2012.