The Triumvirate

A performance of printing t-shirts with CAAPO branding, re-imagining the Orwellian image of “a boot stamping on a human face – forever” into a form of ritualized branding. Silence was invoked as the ritual took place, followed by chanting and offering leaflets to onlookers.  Art presented as a rarefied cult – perhaps too close for comfort.


CAAPO is a not-for-profit art production organisation, based in Cardiff. The organisation was formed in May 2009 and is co-ordinated and directed by Brychan Tudor, Jamie Davies and Lee Campbell. CAAPO possess a variety of fine art based experience; including successful solo-practices, substantial technical experience and a strong history of international art event production.

CAAPO aim to create and promote ambitious works that push the boundaries of their subject matter: reaching a diverse public audience through a challenging programme that showcases art with an international perspective. We are committed to providing quality opportunities for artists and curators to produce new work and to develop their professional experience and skills through involvement in our projects. – Brychan Tudor, CAAPO Creative Director