CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MOTIVATE ME TO WANT TO DO WELL IN LIFE!? Topic: How to get started in real estate investment
July 24, 2019 / By Calvert
Question: Hi all Basically I'm 19 years old just left school didn't quite get the grades for university so have gone straight out to work! Anyway i got a job as an investment broker dealing with fine wines. I worked there for 3 months, there was a lot of money to be made but i just took it for granted and anyway i was asked to leave after 3 months when i knew i was very capable of this job but just didn't work as hard as i could of done! I am a very materialistic person as i went to a £13,000 a year school so i have been brought up with wealthy people and there lifestyles! Yeah i want the nice clothes, the nice car, the nice house! But i think i just want it the easy way like i'm just expecting to get given all this when i know i need to work for all of this myself but i need some sort of real motivation! I want to go in a job to start with which is to do with sales, (stock broking, investment broking, estate agents etc) because i believe im a good seller and i know alot of money can be made! I know im only 19 but by the time im 21-22 i want to be on sort of at least 35k-40k a year with a nice car and nice flat and to be go on skiing and summer holidays and all that! All my friends are at uni so i don't really have them around anymore to motivate me like they did at school but i just need someone to tell WHY i should wanna work hard and why i need to be successful in life! So please can i have some good answers, i would be extremely grateful Thanks for reading guys!! :) Jay Where to download the user manual how to get started in real estate investment PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How to get started in real estate investment

Alfred Alfred

Hi! Look at this handbook how to get started in real estate investment, you can download it for free and without registration 🤣, you could possibly will see the reply to your own question! Enjoy

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