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Groom attire help-beach wedding? Topic: How to blend photos together
July 20, 2019 / By Caleb
Question: My fiance & I are getting married July 31st at the beach (NC, OBX). The groomsmen are wearing natural colored linen pants with a linen ivory shirt. My dress is ivory. I want the groom to stand out a little however, not too many color options left. The girls are wearing Chocolate Brown dresses (knee length-chiffon material) with an ivory sash, and the third color is orange. I don't want him to wear all ivory as it may clash with my dress. He is wearing the same natural linen pants as the groomsmen but I am trying to figure out a shirt color/style...any suggestions? My dress is more the formal type beach dress. So the wedding is a little bit fancier beach wedding but also with some casual to it as well kind of inter mixing the both. Most of the photos I have seen the groom has a Jacket but I think he would sweat to death and I want him to be more comfortable, Other photos I have seen the groom is all in 1 color like white pants/white shirt, or ivory shirt/ivory pants-Thanks for any suggestions. i like the ideas :o) the vest idea may work. The only reason I didn't do chocolate brown shirts was because I didn't want everyone to look so dark (but I had thought about thank you for the idea). We had gone to another wedding and chocolate brown was the color too and both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all wearing chocolate brown and even my fiance (who doesn't know how to coordinate haha stated....too much brown) i don't want them to get too hot with dark shirts...but i do appreciate all of the suggestions....keep em comin! i doubt my other half would go for the blue shirt and summer hat...haha I can picture him giving me the "i doubt it" look now... Oh yeah and I had thought about brown pants and an ivory shirt too Where to download the guide how to blend photos together PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to blend photos together

Alford Alford

Hi! Check this out e-book how to blend photos together, you can download it for free and without registration 🙃, you may may find the answer to the problem! Good luck

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