How to leave a ten year job on a really good note? Manual PDF

How to leave a ten year job on a really good note? Topic:
July 24, 2019 / By Buster
Question: After ten years with the same company, the only job I've had (I started when I was 16), I'm leaving it to change careers. I've gone from an hourly part time employee to the assistant manager of the store. I put in my two weeks last week, and the GM of the store--with whom I've had a good working relationship up that point--offered me a raise to keep me, which I turned down. Since then he's been difficult to work with to say the least. I have two weeks vacation coming to me, and 5 floating holidays, and 27 sick days which I'll get all at once with my last check. The thing is he's making the job so miserable, that I'm dreading even coming in every afternoon. I really, really want to leave on good terms, and I can't afford to just quit. Is there any way I can still leave on reasonably good terms or do I just have to grin and bear it the last two weeks and then let them kiss my a-- as I'm walking out the door. I guess posting a video of "Take This Job And Shove It" on You Tube the day I get my final paycheck might seem a bit immature? Where to download the user manual PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF

Aldous Aldous

Heya! Check this out user guide , you can download it for free and without registration 😆, maybe you will find the reply to the question! All the best

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