I need help controlling my awful son!? User Manual PDF

I need help controlling my awful son!? Topic: How to control temper tantrums
July 24, 2019 / By Buck
Question: Lately my son, Keith, has been increasingly hostile towards me - and after all that i've done for him, the ungrateful twerp. It all started 'round 2 weeks ago, when I caught him listening to some of that heavy black rap music - you know - Linking Park, and the like. I'm no racist, but its clear as day that these ruffians are up to no good. Obviously I confiscated it, not wanting any of this ungodly tat influencing my son. He then throws a massive temper-tantrum, effing and blinding at me. Never have I heard such filthy language. Unfortunately, when tidying his room while he was at school, I found yet more of this disgusting, vile, perverted music lying around. Naturally, I smashed up the CDs and threw them in the trash. When he got back home, he seemed even more angry for some reason. I just don't get it - i'm trying to help him lead a good Christian life, but he just rejects it. I think there must be some kind of problem with him. I've decided he'll be going to Church every Sunday, and i'm thinking about getting a psychiatrist in on this. Keith has also fallen in with a bad crowd at school. When picking him up, I saw him walking out with another girl. Now, i'm fairly liberal, but even I can see that something clearly ain't right here, sunshine. I pulled him away quickly to avoid further embarrassment. For a 16y o, boy this is just not right. Please help me! He is out of control, and i'm afraid he'll grow up into a terrible person! Where to download the user guide how to control temper tantrums PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to control temper tantrums

Alden Alden

Hi! See this user manual how to control temper tantrums, you can download it for free and without registration 😂, maybe you may find the answer to your query! All the best!

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