Why are people so opposed to "Socialized Medicine"? Manual PDF

Why are people so opposed to "Socialized Medicine"? Topic: How do u call someone private
July 20, 2019 / By Brent
Question: when it's called national health care people are more generally for it. what's the big deal w/anything related to socialism? the education system in the u.s. is socialism at it's highest. last time i checked people weren't opposed to it though. also retirement and insurance have elements of socialism (even though they aren't actually government run and provided by private companies). i admit it might cost a little more, but it would make sure everyone in the country is covered. i don't buy the idea that the best a country has defines it or that helping the rich will bring everyone up. if you give to the lowest, society can rise as a whole (although admittedly some of them are nothing more than lazy bums). ackduscheisse-i'm not sure if your putting any blame towards liberals, but if you are, what idiotic republican f***nut caused us to have the bankruptcy? craigh6363-republican's conveniently forget to mention that that getting more money for themselves, screws over the poor. oh, i forgot your going on the 100+ year old myth of the "self-made man." ya, i'm sure your more worthy than them (did you notice the hint of sarcasm, just a hint). And notice i said SOCIAList, even i think communism is f***ing insane. you can still provide for the basics needs of everyone. soup nazi-no if you know anything you'd realize WE GO THERE for help. obviously you'll say this is biased, but ever watched something called Sicko. lilly4-regardless of what the supreme court ruled, we already knew that anything that is a "right" can cost you. ever heard of TANSTAAFL-There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. And that's a REPUBLICAN concept, so take that! paultewing-ok you've got some good ideas, but haven't you noticed political adds and commercials are really short. Why? cuz the american attention span is really short...but that's another story policy debate addict-read one of the previous posts about the myth of the self-made man. are you still so blind that you think someone's position is purely determined by how hard they work? ever consider, you mighta been born better than them? And by the way, for someone so successful, you sure are illiterate, since you couldn't read the post i was talking about. so forget my previous advice about reading it, because YOU CAN'T! P.S.-i can do this all day Where to download the guide how do u call someone private PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How do u call someone private

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