Why are some people so irate about abortions? Guide PDF

Why are some people so irate about abortions? Topic: How is abortion murdering
July 24, 2019 / By Brandt
Question: Personally I don't think anyone should stick their noses into any ones business but their own, if a woman doesn't want to be pregnant or care for a child she has every right to terminate a child from HER BODY. Some pro life protesters go even further and stand outside abortion clinics berating women when they are at a most vulnerable time in their life which I find absolutely disgusting who are these people to judge and tell a woman what she should do with her body it also shocks me that 77% of pro life leaders are men! im not a crazy feminist but a man could never understand the emotional strain and physical pain a pregnant woman will go through so how do they think they have a say in this as for these pro lifers surely these people should be going and putting their energy and time help starving children in the 3rd world if they are so pro life why try to bring more children into this world that are not wanted by their mothers and help the millions of neglected malnourished ones in the world that are alive and breathing I'm really interested in your opinions on this issue thanks in advance @mom of 3 girls = what is wrong with you? please grow up! abortion is not murder look it up its only used by crazy pro lifers to inflict their own beliefs on others ask any doctor a definition of a human life they will tell you its definitely not a fetus they are unable to survive outside the womb a human being can. they are a potential human but not yet a human until they can survive outside the body a woman has every right to protect herself and HER BODY it is only human nature if the pregnancy is going to cause her mental and physical health problems then she has EVERY RIGHT to protect herself as she is the living breathing one not the fetus all the fetus is is a few cells put together to make a baby but is not yet a baby or human being so to say it is murder is just sick. I feel very sorry and embarrassed for you small minded individuals you have issues. Where to download the manual how is abortion murdering PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How is abortion murdering

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Hello! Look at this tutorial how is abortion murdering, you can download it for free and without registration 🙂, maybe you may find the answer to your problem! Enjoy

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