Troybuilt Lawnmower won't start after washing it? User Guide PDF

Troybuilt Lawnmower won't start after washing it? Topic: How often should i change spark plugs
July 24, 2019 / By Braiden
Question: I have a Troybuilt lawnmower that has the Honda 160 cc Auto choke system engine on it and it ran perfect for 2 years. I could let it sit over winter and in the spring, I would turn on the gas and 1-2 pulls and it would start. All summer it started with one pull every single time. I was going to sell it to get a new mower that has better speed control and I hose it off (while it was cold) and cleaned it all up. Now it won't start. I tried draining the gas and putting new gas in in case some water got in. I checked the oil level since it has a shutoff if the oil gets low. I checked the spark and I get a nice blue-white spark so that is good. Any ideas why it won't start now? I left it sit for 2 months and tried to start it again and still nothing. I can't believe the water had much to do with it since I left the mower out in the yard uncovered all summer and the sprinklers soaked it 3 times a week as did any rain. I tried putting gas in the carb and no luck. The new mowers don't have floats. It's basically just a mixing chamber now. The fuel shut off is functioning. When I take the plug out, I can tell it's getting gas. I can get a little chug every now and then like it's trying to start and had a detonation or two but then nothing. I even replaced the air filter just in case. Mikeyd: Funny but it's not Trojan Built so no little guys that will come out and take over Troy or my mower. Where to download the guide how often should i change spark plugs PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How often should i change spark plugs

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Heya! See this user manual how often should i change spark plugs, you can download it for free and without registration 😇, you will see the reply to your own problem! All the best.

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