Bathroom Reno - Drywall or Aqua Board or Cement Board? User Guide PDF

Bathroom Reno - Drywall or Aqua Board or Cement Board? Topic: How to calk a shower
July 24, 2019 / By Bradley
Question: Hello! We are removing our corner shower and installing a soaker bath tub with a 4pc tub wall kit. When I removed the shower wall kit, I noticed that it was glued to drywall only!! I was surprised that it wasn't wet or moldy. My question is - can I leave the drywall where it is and just install the aqua board or cement board over it, and then install the tub wall kit over that? Or do I have to remove the drywall? Should I use aqua board or cement board? I am going to use a tub wall kit. Husband says to remove the drywall....but I'm the one doing all the labor while he is away at if I can leave the drywall on that's a plus! Thanks! Where to download the manual how to calk a shower PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to calk a shower

Adeno Adeno

Hello! Check this out user guide how to calk a shower, you can download it for free and without registration 😂, you will find the answer to the question! All the best

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