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Why is life so cruel to me? Topic: How to balance life
July 24, 2019 / By Bob
Question: I was born premature. Eversince i was a child i didn't felt that i'm lucky. I have lots of deficiencies. I used to wear eyeglasses since i was 5 years old becoz of my left squint eye until 12 years old. And when i was in my 1st year in high school my mom told me not to use my eyeglasses anymore coz she said i will look old if i'll still wear it. Now that i'm already 19 years old, my left eye is still squinted. Then i had my menstruation when i was 10 years old. I also had armpit hair when i was 10 years old. I had armpit odor when i was in my 2nd grade, i think i was 7 then. When i was in my high school days my classmates used to tease me becoz of my armpit odor. And even some of my teachers tease me bcoz of my strabismus left eye. It really hurts when they tease me. I am also anemic. I also gets nervous easily. And now my knees are aching. I think they used to start aching when i was 15. My kidneys are also aching most of d time. I eat right. I exercise. But Why am i experiencing all of this pains? Life is not so good to me. I think are just some people who we're just lucky in almost everythng: pretty face, wealthy, happy in life, no deficiencies, healthy body. And there all also people who were destined 2 be unlucky. And unluckily, i am 1 of those people who were unlucky. Life is really unfair to me. Besides my family (my parents) don't have sufficient money for me have check up. We're only poor. And i'm also scared of injections,. i can't do what i want. When i'm at school, i'm just in a corner, quiet. I just speak if a classmate talks to me. Im scared to show myself or to be myself on school because i think they might just laugh at me, or they might just tease me bcoz of my body odor n squint, so i prefer just to be really quiet. One more thing, i have dark armpits. And im kinda scared ryt now coz i'm still not having my period this month of march. wait.. I'm still a virgin, so don't think i'm probably pregnant. Huh, i have lots of problems. If only there are some people who would want to help me. Where to download the manual how to balance life PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to balance life

Ackley Ackley

Heya! See this guidebook how to balance life, you can download it for free and without registration 😉, you may may find the answer to the dilemma! Best of luck

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