Why are there so many damn racist questions? Manual PDF

Why are there so many damn racist questions? Topic:
July 20, 2019 / By Blaine
Question: Seriously, what is with all the stupid and ignorant race questions? I'm looking around on the site and all I find is stupid racist questions. Most of them are about black people and most of them are posted by stupid,redneck,white supremacists. Look around the site, most if not all the racist questions (not only about blacks but other races as well) are posted by white people. I seriously want to know. We all know they wouldn't say stuff like that in real life fearing they would be rejected by the general population and labeled racists so they come on here and rant on and on about stupid racist things. Yahoo Answers really need to delete stupid racist questions or better yet delete the user who posted them. Anyone else think all these race related questions are getting out of hand, and Yahoo isn't doing its job to stop them? Where to download the user guide PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF

Achan Achan

Hey! See this tutorial , you can download it for free and without registration 😇, maybe you will see the response to your own problem! Enjoy

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    I think you can read the full text online now by clicking on the cover image. Not sure when it will be available for download, but hoping very soon! (It's still going through the manualRix QA process...)

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