I just found out something surprising about bottle feeding? Manual PDF

I just found out something surprising about bottle feeding? Topic: How to make a baby take bottle
July 24, 2019 / By Blain
Question: i always new breast was best but i just read about a risk thats been linked to bottle feeding. Its adult obesity! i was very shocked, i mean i knew bottle feeding was bad but i didn't realize it could cause that kind of life complication for a child. does anyone know any other bad long term effects bottle feeding has? Look this is not my personal opinion. they did a full on research study about it: -The research showed that bottle-fed babies took in more calories and experienced weight gain at a crucial stage of growth compared with those brought up on breast milk. Bottle-feeding could also lead to a pattern of overeating that is difficult to overcome in the later life. "It seems that breastfed infants are better able to regulate their energy intake than formula-fed infants," said nutritionist Dr. Pauline Emmett. The reason is that parents feeding formula milk make sure that the baby finishes the bottle and do not necessarily reduce the quantity offered once weaning is established. - Just google it and tons of sites come up about it. i not saying EVERY kid who is bottle feed grows up to be fat. its just a risk, and i dont know how any loving mother could CHOOSE to take it... Where to download the manual how to make a baby take bottle PDF? Thanks!
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User Guide PDF How to make a baby take bottle

Acey Acey

Hey! See this user manual how to make a baby take bottle, you can download it for free and without registration 😁, you may will find the answer to the query! All the best.

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