I need tail help. ASAP!? Manual PDF

I need tail help. ASAP!? Topic: How to grow a tail
July 24, 2019 / By Bezaleel
Question: So we just recently bouhgt our new gelding and he basically has next to no tail. He was put out with some younger colts who chewed at it. Now our 15 hand appendix quarter horse looks like a draft. His tail is only about a foot and a half long! Haha. We have our first show in a month. I have never had this problem. Will hunter/jumper judges dock points for his lack of tail? I don't want to put the money into extensions, but should i do that? What else could I do to help him grow it back nicely? Where to download the user manual how to grow a tail PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How to grow a tail

Abot Abot

Hello! Look at this manual how to grow a tail, you can download it for free and without registration 😆, maybe you will see the reply to your query! All the best.

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  • Jaylah

    I'm starting to read this manual and I am on page 123 of that.

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    • Carter

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  • Jase

    Die schrift ist recht klein, aber lesbar. Da der Download nicht funktioniert, habe ich den Test aus dem HTML code der Lese-Funktion geholt. Ich mache das nicht gerne, aber wenn es nicht anders geht...

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  • Alessandro

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