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Why do people say "Asian"? Topic: How to say okay in chinese
July 20, 2019 / By Bert
Question: Why do people call people from countries like China or Japan Asian? Because technically someone from a middle-eastern country is also Asian but when people say Asian, they mean people with slanted eyes. If Asian isn't the correct term, is oriental or far-eastern okay? Thank you! :-D smiley face thoughts. @ Angelina Love. Not all people from Middle-Eastern countries are Arabs. @Markk I know they're from Asia, the thing is that most people ONLY consider people with slanted eyes Asian and not the rest of Asia. @Keir I'm okay with people calling people from Asia Asian but I'm talking about when people say stuff like "Asians have pointy eyes" and they only mean far-Easters instead of all Asians. @Thinking About It lol I actually call people "human" or "person" sometimes. @efetge kids in my class call oriental people "Chinese" even if they know that they're from (or their heritage is from) another country like Thailand and even if they're from a non-Asian country but have tan skin and almond-shaped eyes. They're the dumb students... @Walden that's what I'm talking about. Even on google, people only think Asians are far-Easterns. Where to download the user manual how to say okay in chinese PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How to say okay in chinese

Abishalom Abishalom

Good day! Look at this manual how to say okay in chinese, you can download it for free and without registration 😇, you will find the reply to the problem! Good luck

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