Why is Dhoni so overconfident? Guide PDF

Why is Dhoni so overconfident? Topic: How much do you win at wimbledon
July 24, 2019 / By Bernie
Question: I've noticed recently that Dhoni is truly acting overconfident. After India got smashed in the t20's, Dhoni didn't care much because he felt that India could've won both. HE WAS CONFIDENT FOR A WIN...AFTER THE GAME WAS PLAYED...that make sense to you? Is it sensible to always think positive and never look at the negative. In an interview after the two t20's, he vaguely stated that his team didn't do much wrong and New Zealand just played well...what?? did he forget about all those miss-fields, over-slogging mentality by batsmen, underestimation of opponent, etc? Did he forget about that? Before this series, I always felt that Dhoni was modest and controlled. Before this match (I'm talking about the 4th ODI), when Dhoni lost the toss and made to field and was interviewed...I don't remember exactly what he said...but it went something like this..."Its a good thing they now know how high we can score...everything is going our way..."..etc. (That may have not been EXACTLY what he said...but it was to the similar effect). OK, LISTEN GUYS: India may be winning quite a lot right now, and thats great. BUT, whats the point of acting so cocky and bombastic??? Can't he just continue to act modest? This brings about another question: Is this Indian team starting to adapt an attitude similar to that of the Australian WC winning team (not the present team...I"m talking about the team when there was Warne, Hayden, Gilly, etc) in regards to their overconfidence and *********. Well...the Australian team back then had a reason to act so cocky...but does the present Indian team have the skills to be put in the same category as that old Australian team? DO you really think so? I never knew that "co ckyness" was a curse lol Terminator, this situation was probably a mind game...yes...but if it was, why is he the only one doing so? Dhoni is an amazing batsman and keeper, there's no doubt about that. And as he has proved, he is an excellent captain, but don't you think that all these wins are finally getting to his head? Black Mamba, you're probably right and I hope so, because Dhoni is surely one of my favorites and I'd hate for him to go down that path too. Am I taking his comments too seriously? Where to download the guide how much do you win at wimbledon PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How much do you win at wimbledon

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