Is there a history behind this typical American mentality? Guide PDF

Is there a history behind this typical American mentality? Topic: How much is curves
July 24, 2019 / By Benson
Question: I am American (as in from the United States; not Central or South America) and I frequently hear my fellow citizens say the following: 1. "If you get plastic surgery, you are fake/vain/shallow" 2. "Women with curves are more real than skinny women" 3. "It is not my fault I am fat" 4. "You shouldn't discriminate against hiring people who don't spell well" 5. "My boss shouldn't be able to see my twitter posts about how much I hate my company" 6. "No offense, but..." 7. "I disagree with you, therefore you are ignorant/racist/rude/bigoted" Is there a history behind it or was it always this way? Where to download the guide how much is curves PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How much is curves

Abihail Abihail

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