If it is OK to eat meat then why is it not OK to eat all kinds of meat? What about horses, dogs and cats? Guide PDF

If it is OK to eat meat then why is it not OK to eat all kinds of meat? What about horses, dogs and cats? Topic: How not be nervous
July 24, 2019 / By Belshazzar
Question: Why was there a huge fuss about Tesco selling burgers which contained horse meat discovered on analysis? Why is horse meat different to cow meat? In fact, why don't you just eat your pet dogs? 1st answer - I'm aware that certain countries eat cats and dogs, but this question was posted in the UK where the practice is not acceptable, even by meat eater's standards - which is rather STRANGE since they will eat other animals. @ Patricia, it's you that needs to get a life if you think game animals are any different to pets - they all have a brain and a nervous system which are clearly things you lack of .. Plus I am being serious and you appear to be telling me what I know .. you must be a really bad clairvoyant or something. Where to download the manual how not be nervous PDF? Thanks!
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User Guide PDF How not be nervous

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