What does my girlfriend mean when she just texts back "oh"? User Manual PDF

What does my girlfriend mean when she just texts back "oh"? Topic: How to read your girlfriends text messages
July 24, 2019 / By Bartholomew
Question: For some reason i get this feeling that my girlfriend doesnt read the messages clearly and when i get a text back she usually says "oh". What kind of "oh" does she mean? The ohhh thats cool babe oh or ohh thats nice to know oh As in the i dont care oh??!?! Where to download the user guide how to read your girlfriends text messages PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How to read your girlfriends text messages

Zavanna Zavanna

Hey! See this manual how to read your girlfriends text messages, you can download it for free and without registration 😅, you could possibly will see the reply to the question! All the best

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  • Lexie

    This manual is so good

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    • Jewel

      As a teenager in that era, and now the wife of a Vietnam vet, I found this story extremely touching. I could sense how it was going to end, kept hoping I was wrong, but then appreciated how perfectly it fit with the style in which you told it. Lovely, sad, even painful (I had friends who could have been Sarah), and fearless. Thank you, Glen.

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  • Alberto

    wish it were downloadable :/

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  • Sonny

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    • Zariyah

      Thank you! ^. ^

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  • Rowan

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