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I'm being bullied please read? Topic: How to get baseball cards graded
July 24, 2019 / By Bart
Question: Sorry if this is really long but please read all of it. Any encouraging words would help. So I've got a ton of people bullying me. Some of it is minor but after half a school year it starts to get to you. First there a kid who makes fun of me for wearing the brand new balance shoes. It's every day. It's so dumb. Then there's a middle schooler and three highschoolers on the bus. They make fun of me because I'm a boy scout. Really. The middle schooler is really fat and gets all d's he's been held back a year in school to. The other three are the highschoolers. I've gotten one to stop by saying he shaves his legs like a girl. He's not even. A swimmer. Then there's the whole thing with me supposvly liking a girl. It's spreading like wildfire. The girl who started it is telling everyone. Even the girl I supposvly like is being mean too. Even there friends they kick me in the hall ways and other stuff. The girls boyfriend is about three feet tall and is all about making fun of. Me. I'm afraid to say anything else because he will cry. He's cried about five timed this year. And then there's the people who make fun of me for my grades. I get all as and get my homework done really fast. What's wrong with setting yourself up for the future. They even made fun of me for getting an A plus on a report card. It seems like everyone's against me. I'm mean I will I play sports and stuff I made the baseball team coach says I'm the best picher in the whole league. It seems to be popular these days you have to get horrible grades get introuble everyday play at least six sports and do drugs. Our society is really messed up. And all the "popular" people. Are the ones who bully. Anything will help. I and I forgot to add this the one fat kid locked me out of the school once. I'm just tired of it. Where to download the manual how to get baseball cards graded PDF? Thanks!
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User Guide PDF How to get baseball cards graded

Zandra Zandra

Howdy! See this guide how to get baseball cards graded, you can download it for free and without registration 😉, you will see the response to your question! Good luck

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    Thank you! I love this manual .. I'm starting to read ... now

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      This took me back to my high school days as far as era, though I was fortunate not to be called to this war...or any other for that fact. But the chance to fall in love under such circumstances is always fun. I am voting for this one.

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