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My daughters teething? Topic: How long does a cold last in babies
July 24, 2019 / By Barrie
Question: Hey, looks like my daughter has started teething early, she is just 8 weeks old & i have wounded for a couple weeks if she was teething ans i found out tonight i am right. She has been chewing her hands, had loose ' poopey doops ' as we call it lol, she has got VERY clingy to me & seems to cry in pain (this went un noticed before as she also suffers with tummy cramps) today it was not her tummy though & she was crying in pain so i just tried abit of teething gel & it worked. She is def teething i know she is. So where do i go from here? Was not expecting it this early. Whats the best teething gel? how long does it last for? When do i expect her to cut her first tooth? is there any teething bars/toys i should stay away from for any reason? How stressful is it to deal with a teething baby or is it ok? Soz for the million questions lol, i guess i just have to get myself clued up on this subject too now lol. Should i be giving capol each night to help her or is this going to over dose her? Where to download the guide how long does a cold last in babies PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How long does a cold last in babies

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