Will my fish survive the nitrogen cycle? Manual PDF

Will my fish survive the nitrogen cycle? Topic: How to stop cycle
July 24, 2019 / By Baal-Zebub
Question: One day ago I bought a 10 gallon tank, I bought 6 jumbo neon tetra, 3 Cory catfish, 2 ghost shrimp, and 1 half moon Betta. Anywho, since then, all 6 tetra have died, the catfish has eaten all the left over food ( doing very well ) Ghost shrimp are fine, and the Betta is fine too, I went back today and bought 5 neon tetra, and 5 glowlight tetra, 3 of the neons died. My tank is REALLY cloudy and I'm scared my fish won't make it, I know that the Betta and Cory's are air breathers but I'm still worried, I had a filter going but I saw dead fish under the tube so I got a new filter since then it's gotten cloudy....I don't k ow what to do though as I am a new fish owner. Thanks. Is a cory a hardy fish? I can't return the fishes because I live like 3 hours away from the petshop...they were fairly cheap anyway....I guess I'll just see what happens. If they all die except the Betta, I will let it continue to cycle then go buy more. Where to download the manual how to stop cycle PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to stop cycle

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Hello! Look at this guide how to stop cycle, you can download it for free and without registration 😁, you could possibly may find the response to the problem! Enjoy

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