How long will it take me to loose my stomach fat? User Guide PDF

How long will it take me to loose my stomach fat? Topic: How to lose fat in stomach
July 20, 2019 / By Azaziah
Question: I am 16 years old, still growing. Most of my fat has dissipated yet I still have some on my stomach. It's enough to wear I don't look good in a bikini. I'm wondering if I work out everyday at the gym for an hour, how long will it take for me to melt off the fat on my stomach? That's all I need. It needs to melt off I already have muscle underneath. The worst part of my stomach is the bottom, there's like a muffin top that I hate and I need it gone. I really am trying hard to get that bikini body I've never had! I'm headed to California in a month or two and I want to look good! I am 5'4, about 135 pounds . Really just need to work off the stomach fat but I want to know how long it will take til it gets off! Thanks for your help. Where to download the user guide how to lose fat in stomach PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to lose fat in stomach

Whitney Whitney

Good day! See this manual how to lose fat in stomach, you can download it for free and without registration 🙂, you may find the response to your own question! All the best

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