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Being attacked in my "dreams"? Topic: How to take down bathroom mirror
July 24, 2019 / By Azareel
Question: Your deff going to think I'm crazy. But maybe I am. WHen I was younger, sometimes late at night, I guess around 3-ish in the AM? Though it never really happened at any specefic time. While I was trying to go to sleep, instead of going to head would start to hurt. And I'd open my eyes. And I wouldn't be in my room anymore. Well I would, but not. It wasn't a dream, trust me. I know. It wasn't even like a dream that felt so real that I thought it was. This was way too real, and it happened more than once. But I'd be laying in my bed, looking down at the ground. My entire body would be in constant pain, but it would focus on my head. Almost like this constant vibration, or shaking. But incredibly painful. I couldn't move, I couldn't cry out, nothing. Usually I was alone, but sometimes, I wasn't. Sometimes, a wolf would be there. The place I was in, whatever it was, the best way I could explain it, was like when Frodo puts on the ring in Lord of the Rings. Your in the same world, but also not. But the wolf, obviously, would attack me. It'd snarl, and growl, and I could feel it through my entire body. I could hear it like it was right in my ear. And well, he'd bite my face, and scratch at me, all that good stuff. I couldn't do anything. Cuz being there was painful enough, but here I was being attacked by a wolf. Sometimes there would be three wolves. Which was obviously worse. I closed me eyes, trying so hard to get out of this place, but nothing would happen. It took all my focus to get out of there. Idek how to explain it. The last time it happened, a couple years ago, was by far the most painful. But I haven't had it since then. I was at my grandma's, and it happened. The wolf was there. It was attacking me. But this time, I tried to move. I moved my legs just a little, which intensified the pain quite a bit. But I willed myself to completely get out of the bed. Which actually wasn't so hard, but once I stood up, it was the most painful thing ever. I could barely stand. And during this time, the wolf went CRAZY. It attacked and bit and scratched at me like hell. Like it was doing everything it could to stop me from getting up. And I stood up, took a few steps, and the pain from it all was just too much, and I fell to my knees. I had to get out of that place. So I concentrated really hard and somehow managed to get out. And I was out in a few moments, but I could still feel a little of the pain of just being in the place. I went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. I was bleeding. Not bleeding profusely or anything. But there were scratches on my face and arms, and what looked like a bite mark on my left leg, and the skin was broken, with a tiny scarlet line. I was freaked the f*** out. I went and told my grandma. She said "Okay, go to sleep". I never told anyone, cuz I knew that would be their response. But now I am having some trouble with breathing, and I'm passing out, and all that other stuff. The doctor thinks it might be syncope. I didn't know if what was happening before had anything to do with whats going on now? Or if it really was just a bad, recurring dream. Or if I really am crazy O_o lol does anyone know anything about this? Where to download the user manual how to take down bathroom mirror PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to take down bathroom mirror

Wendy Wendy

Good day! See this manual how to take down bathroom mirror, you can download it for free and without registration 😀, you may will find the reply to the problem! Good luck

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