Domestic violence survivors i have a question? Manual PDF

Domestic violence survivors i have a question? Topic: How to get over domestic violence
July 24, 2019 / By Aymery
Question: my husband of 6 years in an on/off again relationship is abusive. he has punched me, pushed me around, bullied me, screamed in my face standing over me threatening to send me to the hospital even while i am pregnant. always threatening to abandon me and that i'll never see his face again. he has verbally and emotionally demolished me. i finally stood up to him and told him to leave. we packed his things and he's gone now. i have called him/texted him to come back to me in hopes that he has had a miraculous change of heart and wants to go to counseling. i felt a strong desire to beg him to come back so my kids will have a dad and an intact family. he hasn't responded to my texts or calls. i fear he has just disappeared for good and that i'll never see him again. my choices were stay and put up with the abuse or tell him to stop and be abandoned. i guess i'm going back to choice number one and he isn't taking me back this time. i can't help but feel like he is right and that it is all my fault that he left. that i provoked him into leaving for good. i did see a counselor today and i will be going to domestic violence meetings. i guess my wanting to go back to him is normal...or should i say the dream of a happy family that i have. it hurts that he has just abandoned me completely like garbage. he can't even tell me he won't be coming home. i wish i could have some closure from him. if he told me he'd be coming home i would welcome him back even though sometimes i fear for safety. i feel i desperately need his validation and love. yes, i will be going to counseling weekly and the support group. just the fact that he doesn't even want me, care about our unborn baby, or what happens to me makes me feel like utter crap. i am rejected and thrown away. why do i want him back? can counseling and the meeting help me save myself and kids from wanting him in my life? is it normal to beg him back after telling him to leave, then finding out he's truly the one who dumped me? i didn't always think like this, i to used to be sane once. can i ever get my sanity and self worth back? has anyone else ever felt this way? Where to download the manual how to get over domestic violence PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to get over domestic violence

Vonnie Vonnie

Howdy! See this guideline how to get over domestic violence, you can download it for free and without registration 😀, you may may find the answer to your own query! All the best!

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