Teen Guys: I have some stupid questions about hair..? Guide PDF

Teen Guys: I have some stupid questions about hair..? Topic: How to make a bun hairstyle
July 24, 2019 / By Aylmer
Question: What color hair do you prefer on a girl? Do you mind if they dye it? How about highlight it? How long do you like a girls hair? (Example: Shoulders, just below the boobs, waist, mid back, chin, etc.) Curly, Pinstraight, or naturally wavy? (Like with a curling iron, flat iron, naturally that way, I don't really care.) Bangs on a girl? (Forehead and side!) Side part, middle part, or does it not matter? What about when girls leave their hair in a super messy bun on top of their head? Or when they always put it in a pony tail? What hairstyle do you prefer on a girl: pony tail, braids, worn down, pigtails, buns, etc. Age/grade are you? Anything you might add :)? I am asking this out of curiousity I am not going to change my hair for a bunch of guys on yahoo answers I don't know haha. Go ahead and ask him :) Anything is fine haha! A lot of you aren't guys but it's good to hear from you to! I have no bangs, a middle part, dirty blonde hari (natural) natural uncontrable waves, not curls, it goes right above my boobs, I have layers that frame my face, and I did get a goldish highlights. I'm 15 and a sophomore. And I don't like putting my hair up. And when girls do the messy bun or ponytail thing it annoys me! For some reason I like your UK friend, maybe it's because I was reading it in a British accent XD and I have a crush on Prince Harry of England! Where to download the user manual how to make a bun hairstyle PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to make a bun hairstyle

Vivyan Vivyan

Good day! See this handbook how to make a bun hairstyle, you can download it for free and without registration 😉, you will see the reply to your question! Enjoy

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