I think I need an ignition coil? Manual PDF

I think I need an ignition coil? Topic: How ignition coil works
July 24, 2019 / By Autumn
Question: My van turns over but won't start? I just had the fuel pump replaced and the battery is good, so I am thinking maybe I need and ignition coil, is that possible? It is a 1997 Chrysler Town and Country and I just had the fuel pump replaced 3 days ago. It started fine. It seems once I can get it going (somehow I did yesterday and it ran fine all day) it works fine but I can't get it started. I had like 40 miles left in the tank and it is backed in on a incline so I don't think it needs gas. Where to download the manual how ignition coil works PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF How ignition coil works

Virgee Virgee

Hello! Look at this tutorial how ignition coil works, you can download it for free and without registration 😆, maybe you will find the answer to your problem! Good luck

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