Parents, what have you been doing or planning for the coming spring season? User Guide PDF

Parents, what have you been doing or planning for the coming spring season? Topic: How to keep baby cool in summer
July 24, 2019 / By Aulay
Question: I've been doing some serious cleaning and organizing. I've also been very excited about spending more time outdoors with my little one... setting up play dates, going to the park, etc. My hubby has been obsessing over finding time for yard work and excited about getting taking us all biking (every evening... we'll see how that goes). What have you been doing/planning in preparation for warmer weather? @Alyssa.. I really want to get one of those playsets! They are so cool aren't they? Hubby thinks that we should find a cheaper option for now but I'm keeping my eye out on sales. If you find one on sale, please email me! @carly.. lol. I just put my little one down for a nap. I should get cleaning too but I'm taking a quick R&R break. @lily.. ooohh. sounds like fun! I'd like to do the acquarium in the summer but I need to evaluate whether a baby under 2 will be happy in that environment... maybe we could do a half day trip. Great answers... great ideas! @mommy... another fun idea. I'd like to do a little window box with a few herbs. @brax.. congrats! the zoo sounds really fun. 3 nights/wk? I don't know how you did it. @maddox.. I went to the park today with my little one but I was so scared to try the slides. Maybe next time. "happy to be getting out of the house".. me too :) @ummsarah.. I started biking yesterday. I'm still in pain but I know its all worth it. Where to download the guide how to keep baby cool in summer PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to keep baby cool in summer

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