Names for a romance/scary story. Can you help? Guide PDF

Names for a romance/scary story. Can you help? Topic: How to write a good scary story
July 20, 2019 / By Aston
Question: Ok, I'm writing a story,and I need some more names, but I'm out of names. The story is about a 12 year old girl,who's parents just divorced, and so her,her mom, and her little brother move into a haunted house, and creepy and scary things happen,physically, and mentally.The main character is Harper Jazmin Nichols.The mom is Clarissa Michelle Smith *used to be Nichols*.The little brother is Hayden Joshua Nichols.The dad is Brice Alan Nichols. I need help with Harper's true love, her friends,Clairissa's friends, and Hayden's friends.Please only 3-5 friends names! Do it like this - *I'm gonna use family names as the example lol* Harper's - Clairissa Josh Brice. Clarissa's - Harper Jasmine Josh. OK? ~♥~ Roxie Johnson WINNER!!!~ Kiki! Harper's true love: Adam James Cook Fredrick "Freddie" James Cook or Lucas "Luke" James Cook Harper's friends: Sophie Mae Johnson Connor John Clarkson Nicole "Nikki" Marie James (Danny's older sister) Carter Troy Wilson Taylor Anne Bloom Clairissa's friends: Audrey Nicole Davies Lauren Gail Evans Rachel Giselle Hollis Amy Rose Thomas Hayden's friends: Daniel "Danny" Thomas James (Nikki's younger brother) Greggory "Greg" Andrew Winston Matthew "Matt" Joseph Andrews Elijah "Eli" Michael Lyons Good luck with your book! eggsforyou, JOshua is Hayden's middle name.I don't really want anybody to have the same names. I need different names! The only time people will have the same name, is if it's a baby! ~♥~ Roxie Kiki, I have a real life friend named Nicole.She goes by Nikki! lol Ok, Harper's boyfriend will be Oliver.But he doesn't work.So, the bf is....LUCAS! Where to download the manual how to write a good scary story PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to write a good scary story

Verna Verna

Hey! Look at this information how to write a good scary story, you can download it for free and without registration 😂, you could possibly will see the response to the query! Good luck

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