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How to deal with this incident? Topic: How to deal with ignorant people
July 24, 2019 / By Ardon
Question: I live in a city with very little diversity. As a minority (Chinese-American) I haven't really dealt with that many issues, however, today I was shopping at Target in the toy section with my sister and we were just looking at a few items. This man comes by with a cart, and he very rudely says, "Get the hell out of the way". My first reaction was just to move aside to let him go, but as soon as I did that I felt like I should have said something. As he walked passed us, he went on to say (when he thought we were out of earshot or something), "Look at those stupid poor people shopping, stupid poor people, they're always standing in the way and wasting/taking up space. " I wasn't sure how to react...Growing up, I've I always heard to ignore "bully"-type people and as a teenage girl I wasn't exactly sure I wanted to start something with this 30-ish year old grown man, and I really don't want to be stereotypical but he just gave that impression of rough, not very worldy, willing to start a physical fight type of person (he was wearing a white wife-beater (tank top), and baggy jeans with grease? stains on them). Anyhow, my question: What to do when dealing with these types of people? Is it better to ignore or stand up for yourself? Also, I'm not sure how to take his comments... do you believe they were race-related or simply being rude. (as a side note... not that it really matters, but I don't think I looked "poor" (which is a terrible thing to say since "poor" people don't have a look...) anyways, I'm a high school student so I wasn't exactly dressed super fancy or anything, but I was just wearing jeans, letter jacket, and uggs). Morally, I feel like I should've stood up for myself because I feel like I let myself down by just letting him get away with his ignorant comments. I'm partially venting right now, but also for future reference I want to know what would be a better way of dealing with this or if ignoring was the right way to go. Where to download the user manual how to deal with ignorant people PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to deal with ignorant people

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Hello! See this manual how to deal with ignorant people, you can download it for free and without registration 😅, maybe you will see the response to your own dilemma! Enjoy

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