When i asked what kind of people we are dealing with at gitmo i got this response from a active serviceman,? Manual PDF

When i asked what kind of people we are dealing with at gitmo i got this response from a active serviceman,? Topic: How many people are in the u military
July 24, 2019 / By Amoz
Question: about the gitmo gang after reading it do you far left still feel for them? There is a knowledge gap between you, the civilian, and I, the service member, that will never be filled by words. It's the difference of seeing first hand the desert bases, walking in the 140 degrees weather in full uniform. The difference is watching several men get blown to pieces by a round from a c130 gunship. It's further compounded by being in a place where they say "We have hired locals to work on base, they're not allowed to have pen or paper on them. They're not allowed to be without escort. If you see this, confront them and contain them, confiscate their contraband, and report it." Like we're prison guards. That difference is knowing you just sat a table this morning with 10 people, 3 of whom are now dead 15 hours later. These people at Guantanamo, they see you the way most Americans see the Nazis. Evil. To be killed. Take no prisoners. Given the slightest chance, they would do anything to kill you, anything to the point they seem desperate. They would strap a bomb to a small child and send it your way and detonate it, knowing full well that you might hesitate because it's a child in front of you. If they had nukes, they wouldn't call us and threaten us, or make demands. They would just nuke us. If they found you in a dark alley, they would make sure you screamed for the maximum amount of time with the maximum amount of pain. They want us dead. They view us as invaders in their country. We're the attacking force, the evil intruders who ruined what was once theirs. To them, we are the scourge of the planet. On top of that, they have done many of these things. They've strapped bombs to children, armed children, trained them to kill us. They've filled trucks with explosives and driven them near us to hurt us. They plant bombs in the road or beside in some bushes and wait for us to drive by. They attack anything American or Coalition that comes their way. They stop at nothing. What more do you want to know? They want you dead. It's them or you; shoot the child, keep your eyes open, always be suspicious. It's the nature of the beast. Source(s): Active Duty Military 29 seconds ago Where to download the manual how many people are in the u military PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How many people are in the u military

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Heya! See this user guide how many people are in the u military, you can download it for free and without registration 😉, maybe you may find the reply to the question! Enjoy

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