Please give me a serious reason not to commit suicide? Guide PDF

Please give me a serious reason not to commit suicide? Topic: How to deal with discouragement
July 20, 2019 / By Ami
Question: people contempleting suicide often say similar things so people don't believe them. but these reasons are absolutley 100% true for me. -my parents hate me. literally, they abuse me and i have no way of escaping it, i can't talk to anyone. my 2 best friends this year have ditched me because i wouldn't open up to them, because i knew no one could ever understand me. -my mom hasn't talked to me for 2 months. and my dad just stopped talking to me a day ago and he used to be the good one. as hard as it is/was for my mom, now i have to deal with it with my dad and my friends. -sure, people at school will be sad. but given time, i'll just be another statistic. this isn't something that will affect anyone's futures or lives. except mine obviously but i don't care. - due to the way i grew up i just can't trust people. i was molested a year ago and my parents abuse me and LITERALLY everyone i've reached out to was there for like a month, but then completely ditched me. so i can basically have no realtionships with anyone be it friendship or husband or whatever. -if i end up living getting married and all that, if i have a kid, i may be the same kind of parent that my parents are which is just the worst possible thing i could ever do. -i look like my mom and i hate looking in the mirror because everytime i see myself i'm reminded of her. -due to my stress, i developed gastritis so now i have physical problems in additon to mental ones. my entire life will be like this. i can't talk to anyone. i'm just f*king done. Where to download the user guide how to deal with discouragement PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to deal with discouragement

Till Till

Hi! See this guideline how to deal with discouragement, you can download it for free and without registration 😀, you may find the answer to your own dilemma! All the best!

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