Any suggestions to calm a scared kitten? Guide PDF

Any suggestions to calm a scared kitten? Topic: How to keep calm
July 20, 2019 / By Alpin
Question: I recently adopted a 5 month old Siamese from his foster parent a week ago. He was alright on his few weeks, he is even way to adjusted that he is even sleeping on our bed on his second night! He is not fixed yet. He was supposed to be scheduled to be fixed yesterday but something bad happened to us the night before. Our toilet overflowed due to the heavy rain and water seeped through our carpet. My only quickest solution was to vacuum it out with a wet/dry vacuum. I have a an two-floor apartment so I placed all my cats upstairs so I can clean the huge mess downstairs. The vacuum made loud noises and scared all my cats but scared the the baby Siamese the most! Poor boy was so scared that he pooped on almost everything and refused to use the litter box (litter box is cleaned twice daily). Until now he is having a diarrhea and it has been a day since then. I hope you can give me any suggestions (aside for a vet check up because he is already scheduled for next week). I need immediate relief for my baby. I miss him so much and would want him to sleep right next to me again. And if you are going to suggest to spay/neuter him, yes I will. He is already litter box trained so spaying/neutering is not the option as of now. Again, he got spooked out because of the loud noise. He got nervous the same way humans wet their pants because they were scared out of their wits. I hope you've read this well and can vividly imagine what is happening. A lot of people would suggest random unintelligent answers thinking they really know a lot about cats (ie spay/neuter him, take him to the vet, talk to your vet... etc). I need an immediate solution and/or suggestions on how to calm down my fur baby. I'll try one of my friend's suggestion to use feliway and I wanted to know if it's really effective. Thank You. Where to download the user manual how to keep calm PDF? Thanks!
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User Manual PDF How to keep calm

Tessie Tessie

Howdy! See this guidebook how to keep calm, you can download it for free and without registration 😇, you may will find the response to the query! All the best

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