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Question about near-death experiences? Topic: How the laws of physics lie
July 24, 2019 / By Allistair
Question: now, i believe in the nde's. these people wouldn't make this up. and many people who are non believers of the after life still know there not lying but think it is just lack of oxygen in the brain. Well why are they in 3rd person looking at there selves. they seem to always be on the ceiling looking down at there body. and people know there not lying because there describing things that occured in the room to clearly for practically being dead. heres the big question, well technically there in 2 places at once right? Well i thought it was against the LAWS OF PHYSICS to be at 2 places at once. just a thought, yours? if there isnt anything "devine" going on, how are they able to do this? BTW A BLIND WOMAN WAS ABLE TO DISCRIBE HER HOSPITAL ROOM TO WELL, AS IF SHE COULD SEEEEE!! @ Gentleman Jack , yes i am in desperate need to believe in absolutly nothing. @ Gentleman Jack , yes i am in desperate need to believe in absolutly nothing. Where to download the guide how the laws of physics lie PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How the laws of physics lie

Tempest Tempest

Hey! See this instruction how the laws of physics lie, you can download it for free and without registration 😊, you will see the reply to your question! Good luck

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