I've had my house on the market for 3 weeks and no showings! I need advice on what to do! My house is? User Manual PDF

I've had my house on the market for 3 weeks and no showings! I need advice on what to do! My house is? Topic: How many weeks of lent
July 24, 2019 / By Alfy
Question: extremely nice in a good neighborhood. 4,500 sq feet neutrally decorated. Excellent curb appeal and large lot. People come by and get flyer but dont schedule showing. Priced right as realtor suggested. Should I lower the price?? My area is pretty small only 40K population. My house is the only one on the market in the price range. Here's a link for any suggestions: http://checkmateincrealtors1.tennessee.remax.com/listings/ListingDetail_r4.aspx?LID=34412246#aTop Where to download the guide how many weeks of lent PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How many weeks of lent

Tamson Tamson

Hi! Look at this guideline how many weeks of lent, you can download it for free and without registration 😇, maybe you may find the answer to your problem! All the best!

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