How do you know that the bible and it's writers are trustworthy and full of historical fact? Guide PDF

How do you know that the bible and it's writers are trustworthy and full of historical fact? Topic: How is identity formed
July 20, 2019 / By Alfrid
Question: The Bible was written by humans, not by God; so how do people know it has not been tampered with or had personal opinions inserted in place of God's or Jesus'? The only real proof of existance of the writers of the bible that I am aware of, is in the bible itself. Can anybody tell me where there is evidence of these people outside of the bible? I can believe that many people from the bible existed; and yet I am not sure about the events. Does anybody know any non-biblical reference points that show that the bible is 'true'? All answers welcome, when they are constructive. Ok, when I said 'tampered with' I didn't mean after it had been set down in writing. I meant what is to stop a person who had input into the bible, any of it's many authors, simply writing what he thought even if it wasn't anything God or Jesus would ever have said or thought or taught. I know there have been manuscripts found... but again, that kind of comes back to my point that the main proof for the validity of the Bible is the the Bible itself. How can an early manuscript for the bible be proof of the identity of the writer? Was it signed or something? How can an early manuscript for the bible be proof of the truth of the bible? Wasn't this just the earliest form of the bible, rather than any kind of proof? I am not questioning that it was written a long time go in a distant (from me at least) land, I just want to know what proof there is that the Bible is the word of God, the writers were who they are assumed to be, and that the events (particularly miracles) happened. I'm asking the question because I want to know others opinions on the subject, and what evidence there is that I am notaware of. How do you find this evidence when you don't know how to start? Several people seem to suggest that I am trying to disprove the issues of the bible being true, or that I am inferring that it definately is not true... but that is not what I am saying. I am asking the question. As for several opinions including one of 'do your homework', part of how I find things out is asking people for their insights into things. I have rarely had a 100% answer from Y!A, but questions such as this are a fantastic springboard. I believe a couple of answerers need to reassure themselves that I am not attacking their bible; I just want to see what evidence they go on. If I can't see from another point of view, I generally assume I have missed something; hence the question. Thanks for being so aggressively judgemental, at least one of you. Where to download the manual how is identity formed PDF? Thanks!
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User Guide PDF How is identity formed

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