OK, so Jesus loves me and everyone else, how does that make the world a better place? User Manual PDF

OK, so Jesus loves me and everyone else, how does that make the world a better place? Topic: Jesus how i love you
July 24, 2019 / By Alfie
Question: How does that guarantee jobs for all those that are without? Crime still happens, Ex-offenders who can't get jobs, though their punishment is over with, are denied employment, so they commit more crimes, because Jesus loves them but nobody wants to give them jobs because they are at risk job seekers. Their pain is pushed on others. And all the Christians can do is hand out food to the Bums on the street(all Bums are Felons, that's why they're bums) but not get them a job. Sounds like the Christians like to give fish, but do not want to show others how to fish. Doesn't this contradict what Jesus taught? I believe just handing out fish is done for the benefit of making oneself seem deemable and respected by all the bums, another form of idol worship that Christians gotta have. Where to download the user manual jesus how i love you PDF? Thanks!
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Manual PDF Jesus how i love you

Tammara Tammara

Hey! Look at this instruction jesus how i love you, you can download it for free and without registration 😊, maybe you may find the answer to the problem! Enjoy

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