What is/were the reason(s) for the abrupt end to Arsenals dominance since 2004? Manual PDF

What is/were the reason(s) for the abrupt end to Arsenals dominance since 2004? Topic: How to make side cash
July 20, 2019 / By Alen
Question: *** PLEASE FOLKS - IF PATIENT, READ !!! **** I have been of the opinion that, quite simply - Jose Mourinho arrived at Stamford Bridge and coupled with Abra's £££'s and Ranieri's stars, he simply steered them to the top, like a steam engine that simply woudn't be stopped - trampling Manchester United and former champions Arsenal along the way. It was almost as if a new 'bad a55' was in town, and in a somewhat arrogant and cruel fashion, toppled Wenger's Arsenal off their Gold Throne - and sat on it for themselves making it perfectly clear, it was now THEM to be feared, it was THEM you had to beat and aspire to be like. That was the impression I got, i'd never seen something like this before in English football either to be honest with you. Throughout 2003/04, all the rage was 'Arsenal still have not lost a game - they are unbeatable, they are 'invincibile'....Henry was at the pinnacle of his footballing career, Viera too. Reyes, Bergkamp and a then world class Freddy Ljundburg with support from equally impressionable stars on the bench. They say United knocked us off our perch, maybe so. Is it far fetched to then say, Chelsea did exactly the same thing to Arsenal - in that, up until the fall of 2004, they were quite simply the 2nd best London club to Arsenal, or the 'nearly men' of the EPL. Over night almost, it felt as if - an Old King (Wenger) and his army had been toppled by a Mourinho and his army, I feel as though Chelsea HAVE taken the title as the #1 London club in the EPL, and are no longer equals or inferiors to Arsenal. Arsenal living in Chelsea's shadows since 2004 ? Fair observation and assessment ? who would have thought Chelsea, who under Ranieri - came 2nd in the 2003/04 season - would go on to win the English League Title the following year, in the most dominating fashion like not seen since 88 by Liverpool ? It is my belief, that Arsenal will not win the league title in this decade and that they had their mini-era of success, the infamous two-horse races with United for the title, are long gone. United will now perhaps be wary of a new 'big bad a55' in town, sheikh Mansours 'Manchester city' , who lets face it - have more financial power than Abra's Chelsea and are the more likely candidates to stamp their name on the EPL trophy in this decade. Therefore for the next 2 seasons, the two GENUINE title contenders will remain Chelsea and Manchester United, with Manchester City ascending and slowly becoming a serious threat. Expect Manchester City to join the list of 'Genuine Title Contenders' by 2013/14, and we now have 3 clubs in England from which, you'd be hard pressed to choose from - in terms of winning the EPL. These three will be the 3 Heavyweights of the EPL. Season in Season out, the title will be fought contested by these three. Expect Arsenal and Liverpool to be EQUALLY as good, and neither side superior than the other, and both will be 'dark horses' , with an oppertunity to win the title, but only being able to contend to a certain point in the league until - their title aspirations blow up in smoke before their very eyes. (If u think thats silly, how often has this happened in the past 5 years to Arsenal ???) Teir 1 - Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City Tier 2 - Arsenal, Liverpool Tier 3 - Spurs, Villa, 'possibly' Blackburn, Everton' too. the gap between Teir 2 and Teir 3 clubs will be miniscule and expect seasonal shocks where any of the tier 3 clubs start knocking either Arsenal or Liverpool of their positions in the table. We can't be ruled out, we need to just win one - in w/e fashion that may be, if we can get a run going of 20+ games unbeaten that starts POST xmas, from January till may in future and clinch a title on the last few days or so, thats good enough. We can build on that and use that as our springboard to start a new chapter in our clubs history. Arsenal i feel, won't win the league because psychologicaly they are now firmly under Chelsea's control and perhaps now, in their shadow. thoughts and opinions on this folks. Where to download the manual how to make side cash PDF? Thanks!
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