A multi-question about race for African Americans and other black or dark-skinned people? User Guide PDF

A multi-question about race for African Americans and other black or dark-skinned people? Topic: How to write critical thinking questions
July 20, 2019 / By Aldine
Question: I am a young white female. I feel like there is a lot of social stigma around this issue and I am just wondering if you can clarify what, in your view, is the proper etiquette for a white girl such as myself when referring to your skin tone? Is it rude to just say "black person" or "black people"? I have kind of been lead to believe so, and I just want to know if that is something you would feel offended by. What brings this question to mind is something that happened in my university English course today. I was listening to a presentation a classmate was giving about a new historicism interpretation of a story that we read which was written around the late 1920's. The story itself contains the "N-word" and the presentation involved the classmate reading a quote which contained the word. Before the classmate started the presentation he literally gave us a warning, something along the lines of "I'm going to quote a passage from the book and it contains a derogatory word that I do not want to say, it is the 'n-word' and that is what I am going to say instead" he then went on to say something along the lines of hopefully we all understand what he means. Of course the presentation continued and that was about all that happened, but it makes me feel like people tend to ignore or perhaps sidestep the issue at hand. I'm just wondering how you feel about the substitution of the word n***** with "the N-word" in such a situation. I just feel kind of like it is a shameful attempt to sweep a problem under a rug, and I am just wondering what you think. There is one black girl in my class, we are good friends. I couldn't help but think she probably felt worse for the extra embellishment than if he would have just said n***** as it was in it's historical context, especially since he was doing a critical new historicism response to a piece of literature. It's not like she didn't read the story and see the word there herself! It's not like we all didn't know what the "n-word" refers to. To me, in this context, it seems like trying to ignore the past rather than learn from it. I can't help but think that that type of new-age, societally enforced, academically promoted, race-implied, ***-kissing, that pretends to ignore or downplay historical truths of the past really just continues to isolate races from each other and perpetuates the problem of racial division. Do you see the implied substitution is a sign of respect, and therefore welcome it? Do you feel that we are in need of a reality check? Thanks for your insight. I hope I haven't offened anyone in anyway...the stigma around this issue is really ingrained. Where to download the manual how to write critical thinking questions PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How to write critical thinking questions

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Hello! Look at this instruction how to write critical thinking questions, you can download it for free and without registration 😁, you could possibly will find the answer to your question! All the best!

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