We are set to close on a house in 5 days, I have found another house I possibly like more. What should I do? Guide PDF

We are set to close on a house in 5 days, I have found another house I possibly like more. What should I do? Topic: How do i find a good realtor
July 24, 2019 / By Aillard
Question: We have gone through tough negotiations on a house. The sellers have been really difficult to wanting to budge on any aspect, price, repairs etc.... This a.m. I saw another house that I like. I have a $500 deposit down on the first house. I need some advice. Buying a house is a huge deal. I would like to make the best decision for my family and my self. Please help...especially realtors! Thank you the second house is new on the market Where to download the manual how do i find a good realtor PDF? Thanks!
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Guide PDF How do i find a good realtor

Suzan Suzan

Good day! Check this out tutorial how do i find a good realtor, you can download it for free and without registration 😃, you will find the reply to the problem! Enjoy

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